Past Trips

Rover Park – Friday 26 – Sunday 28 January 2018 (Australia day long weekend)

Trip Rating: Medium – Difficult

Landcruiser Mountain Park 17-19 November 2017

Trip Rating: Medium – Difficult

Double Island Point 4 November

Trip Rating: Easy

A perfect November day for a trip to the beach. Blue skies, no rain and not too hot. While this was only a day trip, quite a few of the club members took advantage of the great location to head up early on the Friday for some camping, jet skiing and fishing. Those of us on the “official trip” would meet up with them at Double Island Point on Saturday morning. Eleven vehicles in total met up at the United fuel station at Doonan. For today’s trip we were fortunate enough to have 7 visitors come along with us (1 Prado, 1 Grand Cherokee, 1 Cherokee Trailhawk, 1 TJ, 1JK & 2 JKU’s. After an introduction and briefing we made our way to the Moorindril Street wharf to board the ferry across the Noosa river, then aired down at the “Third Cutting” before driving onto the beach. Beach conditions, like the weather, were perfect. Tides were on the way out and the sand was nice and firm. We met up with one more Jeep on the way up the beach, and the 12 vehicles continued up to take the “Leisha Track” over to the Lagoons on the North side of Double Island point. We met up there with the others who had camped overnight and enjoyed a day of relaxing, swimming, fishing, jet skiing & chatting. A great day was had by all. Thanks also goes to Cedric for his assistance with the trip visitors.
Greg Travers.

The Springs 21-22 October 2017

Trip Rating: Medium – Difficult

Landcruiser Mountain Park 23-24 September 2017

Trip Rating: Medium with Difficult options

Sundown National Park 16-17 September 2017

Trip Rating: Medium

Bellthorpe National Park 10 September 2017

Trip Rating: Medium

Janowen Hills 4×4 Park 26 – 27 August 2017

Trip Rating: Medium-Difficult

Swan Gully 4 x 4 Park 12 – 13 August 2017

Trip Rating: Difficult

Girraween National Park 5 – 6 August 2017

Trip Rating: Easy

July Day Trip – Mt Mee – Sunday 30 July 2017

Trip Rating: Easy

July Club Camp – Levuka 4WD Park – 22 – 23 July 2017

Trip Rating: Medium

Swan Gully 4WD Park – Saturday 24 June 2017

Trip Rating: Medium

Condamine Gorge – Saturday 3 June 2017

Trip Rating: Easy
A lovely scenic day trip from Brisbane to Boonah, and make your way to Carneys Creek Rd until you reach The Head Rd on your second crossing of Teviot Brook. The bitumen road meanders through the foothills of the ranges until you finally start your steep climb towards the lookout of Teviot Falls. Travel through this scenic area, as the road is narrow and the drop off steep! Crest the climb and the valley of the Condamine River is laid out before you. The road morphs into dirt and continues down to a turnoff to The Head. From here, continue down the valley where the fun of 14 river crossings awaits you! Lunch at Queen Marry Falls, after we will return the same way finishing at Boonah again (128km round trip).

Scenic Rim – Saturday 13 May 2017

Trip Rating: Medium

Bellthorpe NP – Sunday 7 May 2017

Trip Rating: Difficult (members only)

The Springs 4WD Park – 29 April -1 May 2017 (May Day long weekend)

Trip Rating: Medium – Difficult

April Camp – Rover Park – 14-17 April 2017 (Easter weekend)

Trip Rating: Medium – Difficult




Janowen Hills Experience Day – Sat 11 March 2017

Our first experience day of 2017. This trip will cater for all models of Jeeps, stock or not and is targeted for new members/visitors wishing to join the club. We will cover a number of theory based topics as well as practical driving skills over the course of the day.


Janowen Hills – 11 – 12 March 2017

Recent rain in the area has created some more difficult track conditions. Many of our usual medium tracks had become difficult with deeper ruts and obstacles. Participants had to use more skill to navigate the tracks. As usual we had a great time, captured some great moments on camera, saw a fair bit of air and enjoyed each other’s company. Had a great BJC fire and were woken up early Sunday morning by 10 turkeys (that doesn’t happen very often!)

Mt Mee – Sat 4 March 2017

After airing down at Neurum Creek Bush Retreat, we headed south along Lovedays Road then onto Mt Mee forest Drive where we started the day with some wheeling in the north western part of the park on the moderate rated tracks. We then headed south onto the Western Escarpment Forest Drive to take in the views from Somerset Lookout and then headed across to The Gantry day use area for lunch. The afternoon saw us tackle A Break then Jackie Creek Road followed by a leisurely drive along Range Road forest drive to finish the day at Laceys Creek Road where we aired up and head home via Dayboro.

Landcruiser Mountain Park – Sat 25 – Sun 26 February 2017

Sadly, the Landcruiser gods were not looking down on the BJC this weekend – with two vehicles travelling home on flatbeds and another hobbling. And not from any hard wheeling either, just unfortunate wear and tear on important parts. Despite this, we did have a great weekend tackling the usual favourite tracks (Camp Road, Telecom Hill, Cruiser Canyon, Claw Gorge and Test Track). The park was very, very dry, we’d never seen so little water in the creeks before. We enjoyed catching up around a nice fire and also enjoyed Jodie’s caramel slice (some maybe a few more pieces than others).

Kinkuna turtle watching camp – Fri 17 – Mon 20 February 2017

We had a wonderful long weekend away at Kinkuna National Park. A keen group of 7 Jeep families enjoyed the fabulous weather, the crystal clear coastal waters and yes, we did see the baby turtles hatch at Mon Repos and we helped to guide their way to the water. We enjoyed the nice calm ocean water in the morning and did some kayaking and stand up paddle boarding, had some great swims, built a mansion of a sandcastle, explored the beach and inland tracks and relaxed by the evening fire. The sand was so soft we also got to practice many times our skills in sand recoveries (only Scott and Johan remained recovery free). A really enjoyable weekend and thanks to Cedric for organising.

Manar Park – Thur 26 – Sun 29 January 2017

Australia Day Long Weekend. A great weekend away in a very picturesque park. It was hot but we managed to find a few places to cool down. Thanks Brendan for leading the trip. Memorable moments – ‘I’m Amy and I’m 9’, the finding of the lost watch on track 46E, the very, very extreme track, happy birthday Leanne, the stars, the shooting stars and satellites, the green frog, the cool dam, the hot river, the dozer, trying to resist the temptation to build a giant fire, mad max, the tour by the park owner, the recoveries off the tyres and of course the great company.


Double Island Point Day Trip – Saturday 7 January 2017

What a great turn out for this day trip, with 24 Jeeps headed up the beach. We stopped off at the ‘pretend’ Red Canyon and captured a near straight line-up of the 24 vehicles. We welcomed 5 visitors for the day who enjoyed meeting up with fellow Jeepers. The water looked gorgeous and was a beautiful temperature for swimming and ball games in the water (despite the risk of jellyfish and blue bottles). It was such a windy day we were unable to get the beach volleyball or cricket games going.


The Springs Xmas Camp – 16-18 November 2016

Our end of year Christmas Bash came up so quickly this year! It began with half the members arriving on Friday morning and heading off for a medium – Difficult run around the park. We enjoyed the rock gardens, creek tracks and even had a go in the play pen. After a long day we sat back at the fire and shared the highlights of the day. Bright and early Saturday morning the rest of the members arrived and we headed out on two separate runs, a medium and a difficult. A big thanks goes out to Brendan and Andrew for running the trips on Friday and Saturday and also Steve for taking a run out Sunday afternoon. Saturday afternoon rolled in and it was time for some to attempt Beer O’Clock Hill (a track that can only be driven under park management supervision). Of the 4 that attempted the climb 3 made it up, what an achievement! 25 vehicles attended this run and ranged from completely stock new members to heavily modified experienced members. Looking forward to the next end of year Xmas party!

Levuka Camp – 5-6 November 2016

After not being to Levuka in over 3 years I was excited to see what it had to offer. After meeting up with the other 14 Jeeps in Beaudesert, we made our way through the windy roads across the border and into Levuka 4WD Park. With a Grand Cherokee WK2 and stock wrangler in tow we eased into the trips and slowly built up to the harder tracks. Without fail the Grand kept following the modified wranglers around almost anywhere they went! We were told it was very dry at the park at the moment, however we still all managed to find a lot of mud! The facilities were great and the property owners were very friendly. Looking forward to a trip back in the new year.

Bribie Island Day Trip – Saturday October 22 2016


Another awesome day on the beach with BJC. After a last minute day change due to the incoming inclement weather we ended up with half the original group (still a hefty 16 Jeeps!) It was good to see some variety on this trip with a KL Trailhawk, WK2 and a KJ in attendance. After meeting for morning refreshments and the trip briefing we made our way to the air-down point at Woorim. Up the beach we went to the most Northern point vehicles are permitted for a spot of beach volleyball and some opportunistic group photos in front of the scenery. We then headed down to the third lagoon to relax for the rest of the day. The Gazebos went up and some came down due to the gale forced winds! There were stand up paddle boards and a big game of beach cricket for all to enjoy. Looking forward to the next beach run with the BJC!

Bellthorpe NP Day Trip – Sunday September 18 2016

The morning started with some drizzle and some coffee from the Braisen Hussy Coffee shop in Woodford. 10 Jeeps and their drivers were ready for some adventure, and that was sure to come. The rain created some slippery tracks and the first easy track proved to be a bit more of a challenge than we had planned. After the first few Jeeps struggled to climb the slippery slope, we decided to turn around and try the track in reverse so that we were coming down the slippery slope. We then attempted the next loop with “Rene’s Hill” but again the tracks were just too slippery for a large group to navigate safely and unfortunately we had to turn around. Everyone had a great day despite the lack of wheeling, but we are looking forward to getting back there when it’s dry. A nice coffee/hot chocolate/tea to finish a good day out with fellow Jeepers and friends.

Swan Gully Day Trip – Saturday September 10 2016

After heavy overnight rains we figured our difficult run had just been upgraded to very difficult, and we weren’t wrong! 7 capable Jeeps met at Beaudesert early; 6 of them locked, 1 wishing he was😄, and for a change the manuals outnumbered the autos, (a very rare sight in our club). We made our way to Swan Gully with a plan that was flexible given the expected conditions. We started with the now very popular creek run south of the play pan. Unfortunately 15 mins in and Corey was left stranded in the middle of the creek with a broken right front Uni – ouch!

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Mt Mee Day Trip – September 3 2016

Mt Mee photo - Marg Clarke

After the group gathered for a pre trip coffee and croissant at the Dayboro Bakery, we headed off just after 9am to air down at the start of Range Road forest drive. A scenic run up the climb on graded trails made for a pleasant drive in 2wd most of the way until we arrived at Jacky Creek Road section of the run which was a mostly downhill decent into the western side of the range which did require 4wd as terrain was mostly undulating trails with a few puddles for those who liked the mud. At the end of Jackey Creek Road we turned left onto Byron Creek Road to head North West to the famous “A Break” section.

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Janowen Hills Weekend Camp – August 20 – 21 2016


Another great weekend at Janowen Hills 4WD park with the temps dropping to a crisp -2 degrees over night! We were all very glad to have fire man Mat with us to keep us warm around the fire at night! 15 vehicles all up attended this trip with special mention to the 5 visitors we had in attendance – you all did a great job! This weekend had tracks, gullies, hills and massive rocks ranging from easy to extreme. A good time was had by all as always and we look forward to the next Janowen camp.


The Springs weekend camp with Qld Jeepers  –
August 13 – 14 2016

What a fantastic weekend we had out at The Springs. The weather was perfect – sunny and warm during the day and nice and chilly overnight, making it necessary for a really, really big fire. We have another fire master – Matt B. And some of us learned we really should have remembered our sleeping equipment (especially when it’s so cold there is frost on the tents and cars the next morning – TC). The ladies all had a drive in the playpen which was great. We enjoyed a variety of tracks from nice easy scenic trips to those requiring a lot more technique and spotting, such as the rock gardens, snakepit and bruiser climb. Lots more tracks to do out there though. Finally it was great to team up with the Qld Jeepers and get to know them.

Condamine River Day Trip – Sunday August 7 2016


On a very pleasant Sunday morning 10 Jeeps and 1 Land Rover met up in Aratula for an easy run through the Condamine River Road. Vehicles ranged from completely set up to almost stock and a couple of drivers reasonably new to Jeeps. Once the briefing was done we set off for Condamine and some may suggest that this was the first issue and pink pig. The trusty GPS said turn right and as I had set up a series of waypoints, I foolishly trusted it. Yes it was taking us to the designated start point via Warwick, and I had confirmation that others had been this way, however, I can confirm it’s not the best way.

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Scenic Rim Experience Day – Sunday July 10 2016

DSC_004111 keen new visitors including our first WK2 lined up at Hungry Jacks Beaudesert eager to head out on what was for some, their first time 4wdriving! Everyone was keen to hit the trails so we got through the formalities and headed towards Scenic Rim Adventure Park in one big Jeep convoy. This is where the learning began with tyre pressure being adjusted, swaybars disconnected and lessons on how the 4WD systems operated on everyones Jeeps. We headed up to the old huts for our first part of the day, where James, our qualified 4WD trainer, took everyone

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Duck Creek Road Day Trip – Sunday 3 July 2016

13568968_10154955149464622_3848898468932885526_oIt was another beautiful winters morning as we all made our way to the meeting point in Beaudesert. It was great to see lots of new visitors on this trip, I think we had a whopping 5 visitors! Once everyone had mingled and got to know each of the new members it was time to head off and hit the mountain. 18 vehicles in total convoyed to the start of Duck Creek Road where we stopped by the gate keeper, paid our fees and aired down. I decided it wasn’t necessary to disconnect or air down, a decision I regretted within the first 5 minutes of the trip.

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Swan Gully Day Trip – Saturday 18 June 2016

combo1Our weekend camp to Levuka was cancelled mid Friday due to the threat of severe rain and flooding from an approaching low pressure system. So, with a change of plan required, our trip leader, Brendan, reorganised a day trip (medium +) further to the north at Swan Gully Park with the added option for an overnight camp.

Aaron unintentionally got a head start on us and headed out to set up camp on Friday, while the rest of us headed out from Beaudesert Hungry Jack’s on Saturday morning. In all we had 6 JK’s (all longies) and 13 Jeepers eager for some wheelin. After airing down, disconnecting and signing in, we did a quick stop to set up camp for the overnighters (Corey, Lee and Adam) before heading off.

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Janowen Hills Weekend Camp – 21 – 22 May 2016

A great trip for the BJC with 20 vehicles (18 Jeeps, 1 Prado and 1 Land Rover) joining us for either a Saturday day trip or a full weekend at Janowen Hill 4WD Park. The park was hosting a Hilux charity event, but despite approx. 150 Hiluxes being there, tracks were clear and we had a lot of great wheeling.

Oscar, Dane, Adrian and Brendan shared the trip leading and spotting duties and did a fantastic job leading us around the park and through some challenging spots. We completed all of our favourite tracks and explored the less used challenging creeks.

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Double Island Point Day Trip – May 2016

The day started off bright and early in Brisbane leaving around 6:30am, meeting visitors Nick and Lou on their 2nd club trip. We made our way to the meeting point in Tewantin where we were greeted by some very muddy Jeeps from the previous days adventures at Mothar Mountain. We were finally ready to jump on the barge, pay our fees and get out feet sandy on the amazing Teewah beach! After a few quick tips to Nick and Lou and Chris, first time beach drivers, we were off and cruising up towards Double Island Point.
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The Springs Weekend Camp – 23 – 25 April 2016

What a fantastic turnout for the long weekend trip to The Springs, 16 Jeeps, including a few visitors -Lani, on her second trip with two very excited kids, Corey on his first trip and Fred’s mum, Janeene, keen to meet the “Wolf Pack” for the first time.

After arriving and setting up camp, a long parade of Jeeps slowly made their way along a dry creek bed back to the front of the park and the play pen. This gave everyone a chance to warm up their vehicles and get back into the feel of wheeling with some easy obstacles to start with.
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Swan Gully Park Day Trip – Saturday 16 April 2016

13047880_10154976776509848_1320440668722231345_oWe had 17 vehicles for our first trip to the new Swan Gully Park (formerly City View), so we were able to run an Easy-Moderate run for the visitors and newer members and a Medium+/Difficult trip for the more experienced and daring. The first half of the day saw us exploring some moderate plus tracks to get everyone warmed up! Everyone wheeled well and helped others out when they needed a hand. We finished off with a bit of a surprise extreme track before lunch that I eventually got up in Polar, however everyone else turned around and found an alternative way up.

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Scenic Rim Experience Day – February 2016

13 cars all up were in attendance on this trip, 4 new members to the club out on the experience building trip with 2 leaders and the rest off to conquer the hard tracks at the park! Arriving at the park was a pleasant surprising having no dust! We did however have a few animal encounters on the way in having to Slow down for many a roo and stop to wait for a turtle to cross the causeway. We took our new members to our usual training spot to get their confidence up before taking them up to the cottage to tackle some harder terrain.

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Rover Park January 2016 – Australia Day Long Weekend

12633735_10208935652088187_6275044965830404735_oA group of 10 Jeeps enjoyed a great long weekend at Rover Park even though we had a bit of wet weather. Our easy/medium run for the afternoon turned difficult when we reached a rather steep slippery hill and had to wait for a Patrol and an FJ to get to the top, meanwhile the clouds became blacker and it was dark enough to have the lights on, fortunately the heavens didn’t open and we made it up the hill. James was just practicing some dance moves while he waited!!! In an attempt to ensure we didn’t leave David and Vanessa behind in the stock JK we had to get creative, I tried lifting it by hand in vain!
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