About Us

The Brisbane Jeep Club aims to

  • promote goodwill, fellowship and social interaction between members
  • encourage and develop camping and recreational activities promoting the conservation of the environment
  • explore new destinations and enjoy the outdoors
  • improve and develop driver skills and awareness
  • promote safety both on and off-road
  • educate, develop, teach and otherwise inform members in the proper handling and responsible attitude in the use of 4WD vehicles.

The Management Committee


20160819 Adrian profile pic

Adrian Hughes

Occupation: Pipeline Engineer
Joined the BJC: July 2014
Experience: I started off with the BJC in 2014 with very little 4WD experience, however was taken under our member’s wings and have slowly built up my four wheel driving skills.

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Leanne Mulheran

Occupation: Conference and Events Manager
Joined the BJC: February 2012
Experience: 4WD – average. For the first 3 years Leanne was happy to be a passenger in the black KK, or the photographer on trips, however in 2015

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Monique Higgins

Occupation: Mortgage Broker
Joined the BJC: March 2017
Experience: 4WD – beginner. I love my jeep and it still puts a smile on my face every time I jump in the driver’s seat.

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Adam web

Adam Langford

Occupation: Electrical Engineer
Joined the BJC: August 2015
Experience:  4WD – A bit over a year. This Jeep was my first true 4WD, so I am learning all the time.

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Committee Member
Cedric Chu

Occupation: GP
Joined the BJC: August 2015
Experience: Very comfortable with sand 4wding, but am continually developing other off-road skills.
Vehicle: The Ginger Ninja 2013 Jeep Wrangler JKU Dozer Orange. Manual.

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20160819 Dane profile picCommittee Member
Dane Enkera

Occupation: Cardiac Physiologist
Joined the BJC: July 2015
Experience: I started 4wding in 2013 in my D22 Navara, quickly realised it couldn’t do the type of 4wding I wanted to do, then I saw a Jeep in action!
Vehicle: 1998 XJ Cherokee Sport

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Committee Member
Greg Travers

Occupation: Lifestyle Manager
Joined the BJC: August 2015

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