About Us

The Brisbane Jeep Club aims to

  • promote goodwill, fellowship and social interaction between members
  • encourage and develop camping and recreational activities promoting the conservation of the environment
  • explore new destinations and enjoy the outdoors
  • improve and develop driver skills and awareness
  • promote safety both on and off-road
  • educate, develop, teach and otherwise inform members in the proper handling and responsible attitude in the use of 4WD vehicles.

The Management Committee


David Torrance

Joined the BJC: July 2019
Vehicle: 2020 JLU Rubicon

Occupation: Director


20160819 Dane profile pic

Dane Enkera

Joined the BJC: July 2015
1998 XJ Cherokee Sport
Occupation: Cardiac Physiologist


Andrew Lucke

Joined the BJC: February 2018
2007 Blue WH
Occupation: Conference Manager


Aldonna Thompson

Joined the BJC: October 2019
Vehicle: 2008 Black JKU Rubicon

Occupation: Administration


Committee Member
Garry Couch

Joined the BJC: Nov 2014
Vehicle: 2009 Blue JKU Sport

Occupation: Business Development Manager


Committee Member
Jeff Taylor

Joined the BJC: Oct 2018
2019 Orange JLU Rubicon
Occupation: IT 


Committee Member
Rene Grenfell

Joined the BJC: May 2015
2021 Yellow JLU Rubicon
Occupation: Paramedic with the Queensland Ambulance Service